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Friday, March 17, 2017

Mezcal Reviews and Information Coming Soon

In addition to reporting on the new country of Mezcalandia, this blog will also present reviews of Mexican mezcal brands, cocktail recipes, the lore and legend of mezcal, links to other mezcal Websites and blogs, and upcoming events in this, the newest little country in the world.

     Shay Addams, Acting Press Secretary of the Acting Presidenté of Mezcalandia

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mezcalandia Signs up for MAFTA

After days of debate, Mezcalandia’s Acting Presidenté José José José José,  has signed up for MAFTA –  the new Mezcal American Free Trade Agreement. “This will ensure that no tariffs or other fees are applied when we begin exporting mezcal to Texas, the only part of America that we recognize as a nation.” 

According to Acting Vice Presidenté Armando Salazar, production of Mezcalandia’s first batch of mezcal will begin “…any day now. We are still looking for a mule.”

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Texas Highway Now has Off Ramp to Mezcalandia

Highway 10 in Texas rerouted north of Mezcalandia, with off ramp to the new border. 

Affected citizens of Texas and Mexico whose land is now in Mezcalandia to receive Mezcalandia citizenship and passports, while retaining current status in their home countries under dual citizenship laws.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

First Acting Presidential Press Conference in Mezcalandia

History was made in Mezcalandia today when Acting Presidenté José José José announced that, “We have just received authorization from the Mexican government to become the first country other than Mexico to make mezcal for local consumption as well as for export to Texas.”

“The name of the first brand will be determined by a contest in which people around the world submit their ideas,” said Acting Vice Presidenté Armando Salazar from behind the bar in the Acting Presidential Suite at the Hotel Mezcalifornia. “The winner will receive a lifetime supply of the first mezcal produced in Mezcalandia. This will save us a fortune in R&D.”

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Birth of a Nation: Mezcalandia

Mezcalandia – the newest little country in the world – was established today by the United Nations to resolve a long-running border dispute between Mexico and Texas. Parts of each area were combined into a new nation that straddles the border. Accordingly, Mezcalandia is shaped like a mezcal bottle.


Entry from Texas is at the town of Agaveville in northern Mezcalandia. Entry from Mexico is wherever you can sneak across the border, which is pretty much anywhere.

New Government of Mezcalandia

Until rigged elections are held later this year, the government is headed by Acting Presidenté José José José José and Acting Vice Presidenté Armando Salazar.

The administration is working from the Acting Presidential Suite at the Hotel Mezcalifornia in beautiful downtown Mezcalopolis, the capital of Mezcalandia.

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