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Monday, March 13, 2017

Birth of a Nation: Mezcalandia

Mezcalandia – the newest little country in the world – was established today by the United Nations to resolve a long-running border dispute between Mexico and Texas. Parts of each area were combined into a new nation that straddles the border. Accordingly, Mezcalandia is shaped like a mezcal bottle.


Entry from Texas is at the town of Agaveville in northern Mezcalandia. Entry from Mexico is wherever you can sneak across the border, which is pretty much anywhere.

New Government of Mezcalandia

Until rigged elections are held later this year, the government is headed by Acting Presidenté José José José José and Acting Vice Presidenté Armando Salazar.

The administration is working from the Acting Presidential Suite at the Hotel Mezcalifornia in beautiful downtown Mezcalopolis, the capital of Mezcalandia.

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