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Friday, May 12, 2017

Las Amores Reposado Mezcal, An In-dpeth Review by Shay Addams

Las Amores, one of my favorite brands of mezcal, means “loves” (the noun) in Spanish. Las Amores makes joven, añejo and reposada from espadin agave, and an unusual mezcal from the rare cupreata agave. Amores Espadin is made from nine-year-old espadin agave in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca.

Amores Reposada

Aged nine months in American oak barrels, the reposada tastes like a lush ripe pear or perhaps mango, though in both cases the flavor is understated. A hint of spearmint sends it to the roof of the mouth, like a good cognac.

Light smoke, crisp with no bite and smooth, it has a mild aftertaste. Eat an orange slice after drinking a shot or two, for a full and pleasurable sensation.

(Another reviewer describes the taste as “…like pencil shavings, smoked nut, dried tropical fruit, flan, and tobacco.” This guy is nuts! There is only one way to know the taste of pencil shavings, and I refuse to take advice on anything from someone who eats pencil shavings.)

One of my top five favorite mezcals, Amores reposada is too good to waste in a mixed drink. It makes an excellent aperitif. Or two. Also look for their Amores Cupreata, made from a rare agave.

Price: $65
Proof: 74

Rating: 8


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