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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Mezcalandia To Build Mall on Border

“We will build a mall,” Acting Presidenté José José José José announced his plan to improve security at Mezcalandia’s borders with Texas and Mexico in an Acting Presidential Press Conference held in the Acting Presidential Suite of the Hotel Mezcalifornia in beautiful, downtown Megalopolis yesterday.

“A big, beautiful mall.”

The mall will be constructed along the entire border. Shops and other businesses in the mall also serve as immigration and customs stations.

Acting  Vice Presidenté Armando Salazar followed up, “All businesses in the mall will therefore qualify as duty free shops. Sales of our new mezcal will greatly boost our GDP and help pay for the wall’s construction. T-shirt sales will also help.”

Mezcalandia is also selling Mezcal Bonds to help pay for the initial phase of the wall’s construction. “These bonds will be payable in mezcal, which will be on the market any day now.”

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